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বাজি লাইভ is the best bookmaker review site in Bangladesh. It started working in the gambling industry in 2020 and is now the most popular website in the country. Many people from Bangladesh, India and Asia use the বাজি লাইভ site to participate in casino games, bet on cricket and get the best experience.
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  • What Is Live Betting and Live Casino?

    Live betting is a form of sports wagering that allows you to place bets during the course of a game. Unlike traditional sports betting, which requires you to make your picks before a game starts, live betting enables you to adjust your bets as the action unfolds. This gives bettors more control over their wagers and can help increase your potential winnings.

    Live betting also adds a new level of excitement to sports betting. You can now make decisions and change your wagers as the game progresses, leading to bigger thrills and more potential wins.

    live betting bd

    বাজি লাইভ is one of the best live gaming and casino games review sites in Bangladesh offering great odds, a wide selection of games and a safe and secure platform. In this article, we will look at the types and rules of live sports betting, choose the best bookmakers, learn how to bet on cricket live and in a live casino.

    How Does Live Betting Work?

    Live betting works by allowing you to adjust your bets based on how the game is going. The odds for each bet will change in real-time depending on the performance of each team. This lets you take advantage of the momentum of the game and make smarter wagers.

    Live casino

    Live casino games work similarly to live betting. You can place bets on a variety of casino games such as slots, blackjack, roulette and more. The odds are adjusted in real-time depending on the results of each hand or spin. This gives you more control over your wagers and increases your chances of winning.

    Live betting and live casino are great ways to add an extra level of excitement and potential earning opportunities to your sports wagering and casino gaming.

    Rules for playing live bets and types

    A multitude of wager options are available when live betting. There are also in-game wagering options for the standard pre-game wagers, such as point spreads, moneylines, and totals. Once the game begins, the odds will alter, but they might be temporarily halted while oddsmakers recalculate prices.

    Nevertheless, these wager kinds are frequently offered for live betting.
    Live wagers may become more specific. You may wager on the outcome of the following drive in an IPL game, for instance. Depending on the sport you’re watching and your sportsbook, there are many alternatives.

    While a competition is going on, you can still wager on player or game props, albeit the odds will alter depending on what happens. Before sportsbooks catch up and adjust the line, sharp gamblers may occasionally be able to see a diamond in the rough.

    Which Sportsbooks Offer the Best Live Betting Options?

    The majority of sportsbooks make good in-play betting options. It’s likely that your preferred bookmaker offers live betting.

    In live betting, speed is of the biggest importance. In terms of how rapidly the oddsmakers can change the lines and how quickly the site loads, you want a swift and dependable online sportsbook. Look to the top sports betting sites for a convenient live betting experience while keeping those requirements in mind.

    Which sports are better for in-play wagers?

    It depends on your point of view whether one sport offers more live betting options than another. Your level of commitment may make betting on a basketball game an easy decision, but another bettor may find it too frantic to keep up with and make informed decisions.

    We advise casual bettors who are interested in in-game wagering to focus on most popular sports – cricket, football, basketball, baseball and hockey are all suitable choices. But it also helps to make in-game wagers on sports you are familiar with. To make reasonable bets during live betting, you need to have a basic understanding of the sport.

    Maintain a methodical approach, stick to what you know, and gamble responsibly.

    When is live betting a good idea?

    Live betting is a good idea whenever you think you might have an advantage. In some circumstances, betting in-game makes sense.

    For instance, placing a live wager while attending or watching a game is more enjoyable. Although it’s not necessary, doing this might liven things up and make you more invested in the game or match.

    A tool might also be live betting. An in-game wager could be placed to protect a pre-game wager that isn’t looking so well. Later, we’ll go into greater detail about that.

    In other words, live betting is justified whenever you believe it to be so. It can be a means to increase the enjoyment of watching a live game or a tool in your betting toolbox when you need a pick-me-up following a poor performance

    The most popular bookmakers with live betting

    1. One of the most well-known online betting sites in Bangladesh, BAJI Live Online Casino, provides live cricket scores, results, and highlights. Discover your favourite casino games right at your fingertips with BAJI live! You can choose from a variety of classic casino games, including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and much more. With BAJI live you can also play sports betting online and place bets on cricket matches. Get the latest live scores and updated cricket match results for all international tournaments.
    2. 1xbet is an online bookmaker that allows players to place bets on sports events as they happen. The service provides a variety of betting options, including single and multiple bets, as well as accumulators. Players are able to view the odds at any time and even set notifications for when their chosen teams or players start playing.
    3. Mostbet is an online platform that provides a variety of sports betting and casino gaming services. It has been around since 2019 and is becoming increasingly popular with both seasoned and new players alike. With its easy-to-use interface, huge selection of games, and impressive customer support, Mostbet Live has quickly become one of the top online gaming sites in the industry.
    4. Melbet is the perfect choice! With a wide range of sports, esports, and casino games to choose from, you can enjoy a plethora of exciting betting experiences. Plus, with its generous welcome bonus and ongoing promotions, there are plenty of ways to make your bets even more rewarding. Read on to find out more about what Melbet has to offer.

    Steps for Placing a Live Bet

    In that the procedures are nearly same, placing a live bet is very similar to doing so before the game. Find the game you want to bet on at your preferred sportsbook before placing an in-game wager. If the game is ongoing, the sportsbook will probably show it on the home page or under a prominent “live betting” tab.

    Finding the wager, you wish to make is all that remains after that. Place it, add it to your bet slip, and enter your stake.

    You should always wait on the betting screen to see if the sportsbook has processed the wager because live betting odds might change quickly. Occasionally, you might need to confirm a change in odds as it occurs. Before you confirm, make sure you properly understand the information provided to you.

    Betting on live cricket

    Live cricket betting

    Before placing any bets on a live cricket match, it is important to do some research. Understanding the teams, their players and form can help to inform the decisions made when betting. If a team is in good form, it can be an excellent opportunity for bettors to place their money on that team to win. On the other hand, if a team is in poor form, it may be best to avoid betting on that particular match.

    Live cricket betting can offer excellent rewards but also carries risks. Betting on any sport requires careful consideration, research and knowledge of the teams and players involved. It is important to remember that live cricket betting should always be done responsibly and within personal limits. Those who are thinking of betting on a live cricket match should ensure they understand the risks before doing so.

    Live or in-play betting is a popular option for some players who enjoy the excitement of watching a game and placing bets on their predictions for the next outcome.

    Live betting provides additional opportunities for experienced bettors that may not be available through pre-game line selections.

    Types of Live Cricket Betting You Can Place

    Depending on the sport, you can place different kinds of bets. Some of the wagers you can place will only be available through live betting, while others will be wagers you could place even if the game weren’t live.

    A few examples of in-play wagers are as follows:

    • Cricket Betting: Match Result;
    • First Delivery Runs;
    • Totals for each overrun;
    • Per Over Run – Odds/Evens;
    • Per Over Wicket – Yes/No;
    • Team A 20 Overs Run – Totals;
    • Runs in First 6 Overs – Totals;
    • Method of Dismissal 6-Way;
    • Dismissal Method;
    • Team’s best batter;
    • Future Man Out;
    • Player Innings Runs – Totals;
    • Runs at Fall of 1st Wicket;
    • Most Important Opening Partnership;
    • To Score Most Runs;
    • To Score Most Runs – Group;
    • Wickets Lost for 50 Runs.

    Additionally, you can typically find a tonne more at other betting sites; the ones listed below are just a small sample. Keep in mind that the kind of wagers you can place depend on both the sport or game and the betting site. Consequently, you may want to hold accounts at several different sportsbooks.

    If you looking for an exciting and realistic gaming experience? Look no further than Live Casino! Experience the thrill of playing classic casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette with real dealers in real time. Enjoy unlimited access to all your favorite casino games, with no limits to how much you can win. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Live Casino has something for everyone. Start playing today and experience the ultimate in online gaming.

    Betting Live Casino with live dealers?

    A live dealer casino is a gambling website that broadcasts real-person-run live casino games to players at home.

    As you play, the dealer responds to each game in real time, and you can hear casino sounds like the clink of the roulette wheel or the slap of the cards on the table. Typically, virtual items like chips or cards are added to the real-world ones so you may move them around the screen.

    Although live dealer online casinos have been operating since the middle of the 2000s, it wasn’t until almost ten years later that they truly began to take off. There were less interruptions and smoother gameplay as a result of faster internet.

    Live casino game

    To see the live casinos you can play at, check out the list of websites on this page. You’ll notice an information box next to each of them that contains crucial details about each one; read it before playing so you’ll know what to anticipate.

    Several live casino game types

    There may be more live casino games available than you think if that’s what you’re wondering. As technology advances, live dealer casinos are offering a wider variety of games. Here are a few of the most well-known.

    Live roulette

    In these live games, where a live dealer controls each spin, the well-known green table and silver wheel come to life. Like in a real casino, you often place digital chips on the table or a virtual board, and you have to place your wager within the allotted live time.

    Live roulette is perhaps the most popular live dealer casino game since it is so quick and easy to play. Live roulette casinos are also very well-liked by players.

    Blackjack live

    Blackjack is more difficult than roulette, so it’s a good idea to grasp the fundamentals before playing live since you only have a short amount of time to decide.

    However, playing live blackjack is more enjoyable than playing against a machine since you can talk to the dealer, watch how the cards are dealt, and experience the ambiance of a real-world casino.

    Live poker

    Compared to the video poker you often find in an online casino, live poker games are different. Instead of playing against a machine, a live dealer deals you cards.

    Additionally, as technology advances, player and dealer engagement increases. As a result, the social atmosphere of live poker is increasingly replicated in the live casino setting.

    Live Bingo

    Bingo flourishes in a live environment because there is more tension created when the numbers are drawn by a person than when they show on a screen.

    The new era of live bingo takes it up a notch so that players all over the world can participate at the same time. Bingo halls have traditionally used a telephone connection to interact with other halls for national games.

    Live Baccarat

    Although live baccarat doesn’t have as many players as some other casino games, it nevertheless draws a sizable audience thanks to its live dealer and authentic table. The live-dealer game involves placing bets on the player, the dealer, or a tie, just as previous online variations.

    Finding the best live casino: How to Do It

    There are simply too many live dealer online casinos to try them all, unless you have a lot of free time, as more and more of them are appearing every day. We wrote our How to choose an online casino guide because it’s always a good idea to have at least a basic understanding of what parameters and qualities a decent and secure online casino should have.

    This page uses a review and filter method to make things even simpler for you by allowing you to choose only the casinos that suit your preferences. You not only save a tonne of time by doing this, but you also increase your chances of enjoying your gaming session.

    When you first access the page, you’ll find a recommended list of live casinos that you can test. These are the websites that have fared the best after being examined by our team of professionals, who gave them a reputation score out of 10. We used a number of criteria to determine this ranking, including the following:

    • The way it treats players, particularly the number of complaints it has gotten;
    • Its size and ability to pay out big wins;
    • The quality of its related sites.


    Many players enjoy live casinos because they provide them with the singular option to play in real time with actual dealers, regardless of their location. To avoid any misunderstandings, customers should first make sure they are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of playing in a live casino.

    Published on 28 February 2023
    রাহুল শর্মা

    Rahul Sharma

    Interests include development of sports betting in Bangladesh, sports news and politics.


    If you want to wager on cricket online, then follow these instructions:

    • Find a trustworthy sportsbook or bookmaker for cricket betting;
    • Register with that website and open a betting account there;
    • Select a payment method from the list and add funds to your betting account;
    • Choose ‘Cricket’ from the website’s menu, then pick a game, series, or tournament to wager on;
    • Select from a variety of betting options, such as Match Winner, Top Batsman, Top Bowler, Man of the Match, etc;
    • Select your wager, input your stake in the resulting bet slip, and then click “Place Bet” to place your wager.
    • পনার।

    Before registering with a bookmaker and opening a betting account, you should check for the following:

    1. The website must, first and foremost, have a legal operating permit in your nation and must list cricket in its sports betting department;
    2. It ought to be one of the reputable and well-known brands in the online betting sector;
    3. The website need to provide simple and safe methods for deposits and withdrawals. Make sure to verify that business accepts more payment options than just standard bank wire transfers, such as e-wallets;
    4. It should offer a large choice of betting markets and cover a variety of cricket competitions;
    5. By comparing those odds with those offered by other well-known bookies, you should be sure you are getting the greatest possible odds on your wager.

    Yes. The live casino feeds the game in real time to players, with the exception of any potential connection issues, which are getting less often these days. This implies that you will witness the dealer’s and possibly other players’ real-time reactions.

    Here are the best online cricket betting sites in 2023:

    • 1xBet – Exclusive bonuses and promotions;
    • Mostbet is the best cricket betting app;
    • Melbet – the main cricket betting markets;
    • Baji Live – Large cricket betting markets.

    Even if this is a matter of personal opinion, you can check which live dealer casino our team of experts gave the highest rating by scrolling to the top of the ‘Recommended’ section on this page. Although it may not be everyone’s preference, we think this provides you the best opportunity of enjoying your playing time.

    Expertly regarded and highly rated live dealer casinos are typically very secure. Even while the level of online casino safety has significantly increased recently, there is no assurance that you will always be treated properly.

    Always read the review and rating of the casino before playing to increase your chances. We urge you to avoid a site with a low rating.

    Why waste your time on subpar websites when there are so many excellent live sites to pick from?

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